Blade-Tech Classic Holster Review

The box of holsters.  If you’ve been carrying long enough you have one too.  The holsters that sounded like a great idea but for whatever reason they didn’t work out and end up relegated to box duty.  Then there are some holsters that you try, fall in love with and buy them for all your guns.

I first purchased Blade-Tech’s Classic Holster for my Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical.  I needed an OWB (Outside Waist Band) holster for competition, classes and occasional carry but didn’t want to spend a ton.  In addition to the good price there weren’t a lot of holsters accommodating the extra width of the Brigadier slide.  Turns out it quickly developed into one of my favorite holsters.


It offered an exceptionally fast draw with the ability to tighten up the retention for carry.  Due to its construction it sits slightly further away from the body than normal.  This is part of what makes it such a quick holster.  If you have an expansive midsection this can also be beneficial and make it much more comfortable than traditional holsters.

I ordered my second Classic holster with the purchase of my Walther PPQ M2 Navy.  The Navy version comes with a threaded barrel which, like the wider Beretta Brigadier slide, wasn’t widely accommodated for.


My third purchase came after buying my SIG P226 SAO Legion.  Since they had so many options listed I wasn’t sure what to order.  I dropped them an email with my request and they quickly replied with the correct choice.  This holster may be of special interest to Legion owners.  The Legion, well known for it’s soft finish, wears exceedingly fast in traditional kydex.  Because the Classic focuses its retention on the trigger guard this leaves the slide unscuffed.


Blade-Tech offers several ways to attach the holster, including multiple belt loop sizes, paddles, drop offset and many more options.  If you’re looking for a good solid OWB holster that won’t break the bank check out Blade-Tech, viewable here.  I previously never paid them much attention but I’m glad I finally did.


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