SIG Sauer P226 SAO Legion Reliability Challenge – 1,000 Round Update

I just hit 1,000 rounds since starting my P226 SAO Legion Reliability Challenge and thought it time for an update.  When I initially started this project concerns were raised (by some people much more tactfully than others) that damage would occur to the rails.  Because the frame rails are aluminum and not steel they are not as wear resistant.  One person asked me “Are you doing a lube challenge or gun challenge?”  That got me thinking about what my ultimate goal was.  In my eagerness to start the challenge I overlooked that factor.  Since this was a gun challenge first and foremost it made sense to continue to lubricate the firearm.  Were I testing the lubricant itself then it would make sense to run it until dry and malfunctioning.

It was interesting to see the wide variety of responses.  One of my favorites was when someone asked if I would run my car without changing the oil until it broke down.  If I were an auto mechanic that’s exactly something I would want to do!  Why?  Because I’m a curious person.  How do you know what something is truly capable of until you push it to its limit?

On to the actual update.  1,000 rounds of Aguila FMJ through it and it’s still running perfect.  During my last steel match I thought I had my first malfunction.  I was right in the middle of shooting a string when my pistol stopped.  My inner monologue went something like “Holy crap!  Did I just have the first malfunction?!  Get this thing up and running you’re on the clock!” all in a split second.  Turned out I forgot to swap my magazine after the previous string so I ran dry, rookie mistake.  At that point I wanted to punch myself but with the timer counting I gassed it back up and made my final shots.  Thank goodness they drop the slowest of the 5 strings so it didn’t really effect the match.

I love dirty gun pictures so I felt it appropriate to include some-


In another 1,000 rounds, which should be around 2 weeks, I’ll post another update.  Hopefully the results are just as good!


For the 2,000 round update click here.

One thought on “SIG Sauer P226 SAO Legion Reliability Challenge – 1,000 Round Update

  1. Wow, that’s pretty dirty for a thousand rounds. I suspect it will go a looooong time without a malfunction unless it’s ammo related. I found this site through the SIGtalk forum. I was surprised at some of the comments, I will be interested to follow your testing!!

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