Now Open: 407 Gun Club – Argyle, TX

Good places to shoot are unfortunately few and far between.  When I moved to the DFW area I was surprised at how restrictive most of the gun ranges were.  It’s not uncommon for drawing from the holster to be prohibited, along with a limit on how fast you can shoot, typically one shot for every 1 – 2 seconds.  If you want to practice any drills you’re out of luck.  Plus at most indoor ranges you’re usually limited to a maximum of 25 yards, often less.  Thankfully there are a couple havens for serious shooters.

The newly opened 407 Gun Club is one such haven.  It’s an indoor range featuring pistol/rifle lanes out to 50 yards and rifle lanes out to 100 yards.  The range rules are just the necessary basics.  Always wear eye and ear protection, don’t shoot tracers/armor-piercing rounds, don’t shoot the ceiling or walls, etc.  Without any nonsense rules this is a place you can go to run your training drills without a RSO (Range Safety Officer) getting on your case for shooting too fast.

Most indoor ranges try to squeeze in as many lanes as possible with no thought to the shooter.  The pistol lanes at 407 Gun Club are biggest I’ve ever seen, with each one having its own huge table area.

Nice big tables for all your gear.
I love the 50 yard pistol lanes.

Looking down the 100 yard rifle range there are lights at the benches so you can see your sights and then lights at the target.  The ventilation draws everything towards the target so you don’t sit in smoke.  Being able to zero your rifle with no environmental factors is awesome.

A cease-fire was called so the target could be replaced.

The coolest piece of the rifle range is the Bullseye Camera System.  Here’s a promo video showing how it works.

It’s a pretty fantastic setup and very simple to use.  I was practicing with my AR-15, going from standing to kneeling and putting 5 shots on target in under 20 seconds.  With the Bullseye System I was able to use one target for 100 rounds.  It would show me where my last 5 shots landed and then I was shooting again.  With no trekking back and forth taping or replacing targets I had much more time to shoot.

You can either walk-in and see if a lane is available or go to their website and reserve your lane in advance.  During peak hours, like weekends, the ability reserve your lane is a huge plus.  Being able to escape the Texas heat or not having to slop through a rain-soaked mud pit make the drive from Dallas worthwhile to me.  If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area I highly recommend checking them out.


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