About Me

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Origin of the blog.
Instead of forum posts scattered across the internet a friend recommended I start a blog to centralize the different posts on products I had reviewed. Though I didn’t really consider them reviews at the time. They were spurred by having questions that no one had answers to. As a self-admitted ‘gear whore’ I spend a lot of money on accessories and figured that maybe what I learn could help save people some money. Turns out I actually enjoy writing.  For an explanation of what Gunpowder Meditation means click here.

Origin of me.
Unlike the majority of Generation Y I grew up without electricity, we hauled our own water, raised our own food and lived out in the middle of a nowhere desert. It was an interesting upbringing to say the least. From a very young age I was working and taking any job I could find, often to the detriment of my formal education.

Growing up with firearms I was taught to have a healthy respect for them and to always exercise all the rules of firearm safety. From a young age I had my own single shot .22 rifle and would head out to hunt jackrabbits on a regular basis. My father wanted to teach me the value of accuracy and a well placed shot, hence the single shot rifle. A respect for animal life was always impressed. You never killed something just for the sake of killing.

I shot rifles nearly exclusively until I turned 21 and could buy my own pistol. From there I sought training in how to use it in a defensive capacity and found I really enjoyed that style of shooting and the challenges it presents. Due to my location I didn’t have access to much training and the ammo prices where I lived didn’t help either. After moving and the distractions of life, my passion in defensive shooting was reignited. It’s really only been within the past year or so that I’ve started to take my shooting seriously and see what I’m capable of.